Frequently Asked Questions

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How Many Dogs Do You Own?

Our pack is 7 dogs, 3 are retired and much loved pets.....4 are currently in our breeding program and also much loved pets in our home.

What Health Testing Do You Do?

We Embark DNA and Health test all of our adult dogs and one puppy from each litter.  We also have extensive health evaluations from our local Veterinarian, routinely for our adult dogs and prior to any puppy going to it's new home.

Can I See Your Dogs’ Health Certificates?

Yes you can see all of our dogs Embark results.  We invite new puppy parents to join us at their puppies veterinarian visits.

Do You Guarantee the Health of my Puppy?

All of our puppies come with a one year genetic health guarantee.

Are You a Member of an AKC-Registered Club?

Our Siberian Husky is AKC registered....but Pomskies are not an AKC recognized breed, yet.  We, along with many other breeders are working toward AKC recognition.  We are members of the International Pomsky Association and Pomskies of America.

Can I Visit You and Meet the Puppy’s Parents?

For the safety and security of our puppies and our family, we do not allow home visits.  We happily do video chat with anyone interested in our puppies and make that a requirement in our application process.  Once the puppies have had their first vaccination, we invite their new puppy parents to their veterinarian visits.

What Is This Breed’s Temperament and Energy Level Like?

All dogs are individual, but in general, Pomskies have a mid to high energy level.  They need lots of exercise and can become destructive if they become bored.  A secure fenced yard and lots of outside adventures with their families is ideal.  They are small to medium sized dogs so they do adapt to apartment or condo living as long as there is a commitment to lots of regular exercise and outings.

What Should I Feed My Puppy?

We feed our puppies Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chicken and Rice formula.  We recommend any quality dog food such as Purina Pro Plan, Science Diet, Orijen, Acana, Royal Canin and Kirkland Signature brands.  We do not feed grain free and do not recommend grain free unless there is a specific allergy to grains present.

What Grooming Does This Breed Need?

Pomskies, like Huskies are generally clean dogs.  Routine brushing is required.  They have a double coat which helps to keep them insulated for warmth during the winter and coolness during the summer.  This double coat should never be shaved by a groomer, it protects your dog from sunburn during the summer.  They "blow" their coat (undercoat) twice a year....this is an incredibly large amount of fur at one time...this process can last two to four weeks but can be mitigated by bathing them with a deshedding shampoo that will help release the old undercoat fact: discarded Husky and Pomsky "wool" can be used to make yarn or left outside for wild birds to make warm nests.

What Support Can You Offer After I Take My Dog Home?

We provide lifetime breeder support with our puppies.

Is There a Period I Can Return the Dog If I’m No Longer Able to Keep Them?

Our contract requires that if you should find yourself unable to continue to care for you puppy or dog, regardless of it's age, that you contact us to either help with rehoming or to return the pet to us.  It is vitally important to us that none of our puppies are put into shelters or are neglected in any way.